Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

Today is my baby's 20th birthday! 20 years have gone by sooooo fast! It's hard to believe that 20 years ago today is when I received the call that Jordan was born. We were so excited!  Now that may sound strange to those of you that don't the story, but after several years of trying to get pregnant and couple of surgeries later and a bout with ovarian cancer and horrible, horrible chemotherapy we decided adoption was the route to go. And we were so fortunate that shortly after that decision had been made, we had the opportunity to adopt a child that was going to be born in December (supposedly). Yes we ended up being the ones that would be allowed to adopt this child!!! Well, she didn't show up in December but January and we were so blessed!  We flew to Phoenix, Arizona to get her and spent Super Bowl Sunday in 1990 in a hotel room with a brand new baby!! Probably one of the best days ever in my life! Of course there have been so many more, as Jordan was a very easy baby to deal with! All children do have their challenges as they grow up, but we were again so blessed, she has been an absolute joy to be around and with. She has grown into an absolutely wonderful young woman and I'm looking forward to her graduation from college and marriage all next year! Where did the time go??? Can't wait for grandbabys!! (But not any time soon Jordan!!)
Her Birthday Celebration this year took place last night at Medieval Times in Atlanta. Jordan and fiancee Justyn love horses, so I thought this would be a great place to go and it turns out a good decision was made. Arrived early so that we got good seats, we were on the Blue team. As you wait you get a picture with the King and Princess and visit in the Great Hall. The falconeer is there with her falcon and you can view suits of armor, knighting ceremonies, and a beautiful owl. Each team is then called into the arena and you meet your server or wench. And the ceremonies begin!! The Andalusian horses are beautiful and are so amazing and I loved listening to Jordan comment on each of the horses. Clearly with her knowledge of horses she noticed things that most people don't even realize. The food was excellent, no utensils are used! I also bought the VIP Stable passes and after the show was over we got to go back to the stable area and see the horses. The horses were amazing, the Andalusians and the Friesians were our favorites! The knights and stable master are all there to talk to you about the horses. It was a beautiful area and it was nice to see how they stored saddles and tack and all horse products! It was really a great Knight (pun intended) and was happy that Jordan told me as we left that it was a great way to spend her birthday!   YEAH!! No more teenage years.........
Happy Birthday Jordan! I love you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Philadelphia Trip

Back from Philly and really enjoyed the trip. My husband is a soccer coach and we went to the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) held every January. I've never been to Philadelphia and being a history teacher this is one of those places I've always wanted to go. Of course winter is NOT the time to go and do a lot of sight seeing, mainly because many of the places are closed for the winter (or at least January and February....bummer!)
I had a great time and everyone we met was very nice in Philadelphia. It's so different from Georgia and I love exploring new places!! Of course we saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall! We took one of those double deck bus tours and had a great guide and got some great views all over the city. Would have really like to have been able to get some more pictures, but with a bumpy ride it was difficult, very blurry pictures! The Reading Market is amazing!! Wow, all of the food and interesting places there was just awesome!
I definitely love to travel, however I hate to pay for bags to fly! It's so difficult in the winter time to pack a carry on bag with the bulkiness of winter clothes! I've got to learn to pack better so that I don't have to pay for bags!!! :-)
Also my birthday happens to always fall during this convention, so I get to pick places to go and eat. Well the best dinner we had was on Wednesday night at The Melting Pot and that was really fun. I love taking pictures of the food we eat and at this restaurant you actually cook your own food.....which sounds like work, but it's not. I really like the dessert plate the best with the peanut butter mixed in with the chocolate! So then on Thursday we had lunch at Moshulu and it was good! The atmosphere was the best. It is the largest four-masted sailing ship in the world still afloat that just happens to be a restaurant. Pricey for the food you get......guess it's just a bit too much for me. Check out the pictures! It is moored at Penn's Landing on the Delaware River. We sat by a window seat viewing the river and looked over at New Jersey (which is just across the Delaware River).
All in all a very fun trip!! So Jordan's birthday is 10 days after mine and we are going to Medieval Times for her birthday celebration, so look for pictures and a report on the next birthday adventure!! Got lots of new pictures to work on my 2010 scrapbook!  Gotta get busy!  Until the next time!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Going to Philadelphia!

Well, it's that time of year again that my husband wants me to go with him to the NSCAA Convention, which happens to be in Philadelphia this year. I do love to travel and my job allows me the ability to actually do some. However travel in the winter is not nearly as fun as in the summer. It's all the space in the suitcase that is taken up with sweaters and socks and paraphanalia necessary for cold weather! But I'm going to go and enjoy my visit to Philly!  I've never been to Philadelphia and loving history the way I do, I'm going to enjoy some of the sites! I discovered last night that many of the historic sites operated by the Park Service have audio cell tours. You just call the number used and put in the number of the site and you get the information for that  specific place!!  I'm looking forward to that.....just worried about how cold it will be as I try to visit and listen to all of the information. We are staying in the Old City section and I'll report on how things go and what I see. Will also celebrate my birthday while in Philadelphia and get to pick a place to go and eat. Not decided on that yet!  I'm looking forward to viewing the waterfront and really considering a restaurant on the Delaware River!
Went to the HJ Fox 2009 Banquet in Madison on Sunday night. Jordan didn't receive a thing, but Barbara Reed, the barn owner where Jeremy (her horse) boards won the championship ribbon for the Adult Walk/Trot division. Barbara is 67 years old with a miriad of health issues, but the horses keep her young and she loves riding. Jeremy takes care of her too, he just seems to know. Of course we love Jeremy like a child and he's been retired from Jordan's show schedule since he is now 19 years old. He has leg issues now and his jumping days are over, but he loves to get out in the ring and show his stuff!
It's always fun at this banquet because so many of the winners are the young girls that just love horses and ponies! They are so excited with the "gifts" they win! Jordan will have a limited show schedule this year with attending UGA full-time and packing those classes in and participating in her Block and Bridle club activities. She is enjoying her classes especially her training class. Hope it goes well this semester.
So I'm going to close this post with pictures from the banquet Sunday night.
Barbara Reed

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life Changes

Well on the eve of my daughter moving out to Athens I have very mixed emotions!!
1. Going broke buying "stuff" for the apartment!  Wow.....the refrigerator is so old, it doesn't have a built in icemaker!! :-) She just bought ice cube trays!!
2. Gaining some more freedom with one less person in the house to worry should be easier now, but probably won't be a whole lot!!
3. More time to scrapbook and share my pages here!!!
4. Sad.....because I know things have changed and my little girl has grown up! I am going to miss having her in the house all the time, even though she can be "challenging" sometimes. She is so excited that this next birthday (which comes at the end of this month) is #20......glad she won't be a teenager anymore!

So in honor of my baby growing up and going off to live at college here are a couple of my favorite photos of her as a child.
I love you Jordan!!

Do you notice a trend here?? She is my animal lover and has loved horses her entire life! This is her best buddy, Jeremy, that she loves with all her heart!
She is majoring in Animal Science  with a focus on Equine Sciences (no surprise there!) and I know she will do great!! She already has.....did I mention she has already been going to UGA, she's just moving away from home now to do it! (Class schedules have become to difficult to drive from home only 30 miles away) Can' t wait for graduation day and exactly what she will do with this degree!!
I am just glad that she is able to go to college and work on something she loves and who knows, with this economy, she may end up with the best job ever!  Just not sure what it is!! Good Luck Baby!!