Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

Today is my baby's 20th birthday! 20 years have gone by sooooo fast! It's hard to believe that 20 years ago today is when I received the call that Jordan was born. We were so excited!  Now that may sound strange to those of you that don't the story, but after several years of trying to get pregnant and couple of surgeries later and a bout with ovarian cancer and horrible, horrible chemotherapy we decided adoption was the route to go. And we were so fortunate that shortly after that decision had been made, we had the opportunity to adopt a child that was going to be born in December (supposedly). Yes we ended up being the ones that would be allowed to adopt this child!!! Well, she didn't show up in December but January and we were so blessed!  We flew to Phoenix, Arizona to get her and spent Super Bowl Sunday in 1990 in a hotel room with a brand new baby!! Probably one of the best days ever in my life! Of course there have been so many more, as Jordan was a very easy baby to deal with! All children do have their challenges as they grow up, but we were again so blessed, she has been an absolute joy to be around and with. She has grown into an absolutely wonderful young woman and I'm looking forward to her graduation from college and marriage all next year! Where did the time go??? Can't wait for grandbabys!! (But not any time soon Jordan!!)
Her Birthday Celebration this year took place last night at Medieval Times in Atlanta. Jordan and fiancee Justyn love horses, so I thought this would be a great place to go and it turns out a good decision was made. Arrived early so that we got good seats, we were on the Blue team. As you wait you get a picture with the King and Princess and visit in the Great Hall. The falconeer is there with her falcon and you can view suits of armor, knighting ceremonies, and a beautiful owl. Each team is then called into the arena and you meet your server or wench. And the ceremonies begin!! The Andalusian horses are beautiful and are so amazing and I loved listening to Jordan comment on each of the horses. Clearly with her knowledge of horses she noticed things that most people don't even realize. The food was excellent, no utensils are used! I also bought the VIP Stable passes and after the show was over we got to go back to the stable area and see the horses. The horses were amazing, the Andalusians and the Friesians were our favorites! The knights and stable master are all there to talk to you about the horses. It was a beautiful area and it was nice to see how they stored saddles and tack and all horse products! It was really a great Knight (pun intended) and was happy that Jordan told me as we left that it was a great way to spend her birthday!   YEAH!! No more teenage years.........
Happy Birthday Jordan! I love you!

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