Monday, January 11, 2010

Going to Philadelphia!

Well, it's that time of year again that my husband wants me to go with him to the NSCAA Convention, which happens to be in Philadelphia this year. I do love to travel and my job allows me the ability to actually do some. However travel in the winter is not nearly as fun as in the summer. It's all the space in the suitcase that is taken up with sweaters and socks and paraphanalia necessary for cold weather! But I'm going to go and enjoy my visit to Philly!  I've never been to Philadelphia and loving history the way I do, I'm going to enjoy some of the sites! I discovered last night that many of the historic sites operated by the Park Service have audio cell tours. You just call the number used and put in the number of the site and you get the information for that  specific place!!  I'm looking forward to that.....just worried about how cold it will be as I try to visit and listen to all of the information. We are staying in the Old City section and I'll report on how things go and what I see. Will also celebrate my birthday while in Philadelphia and get to pick a place to go and eat. Not decided on that yet!  I'm looking forward to viewing the waterfront and really considering a restaurant on the Delaware River!
Went to the HJ Fox 2009 Banquet in Madison on Sunday night. Jordan didn't receive a thing, but Barbara Reed, the barn owner where Jeremy (her horse) boards won the championship ribbon for the Adult Walk/Trot division. Barbara is 67 years old with a miriad of health issues, but the horses keep her young and she loves riding. Jeremy takes care of her too, he just seems to know. Of course we love Jeremy like a child and he's been retired from Jordan's show schedule since he is now 19 years old. He has leg issues now and his jumping days are over, but he loves to get out in the ring and show his stuff!
It's always fun at this banquet because so many of the winners are the young girls that just love horses and ponies! They are so excited with the "gifts" they win! Jordan will have a limited show schedule this year with attending UGA full-time and packing those classes in and participating in her Block and Bridle club activities. She is enjoying her classes especially her training class. Hope it goes well this semester.
So I'm going to close this post with pictures from the banquet Sunday night.
Barbara Reed

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