Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life Changes

Well on the eve of my daughter moving out to Athens I have very mixed emotions!!
1. Going broke buying "stuff" for the apartment!  Wow.....the refrigerator is so old, it doesn't have a built in icemaker!! :-) She just bought ice cube trays!!
2. Gaining some more freedom with one less person in the house to worry about.......cleaning should be easier now, but probably won't be a whole lot!!
3. More time to scrapbook and share my pages here!!!
4. Sad.....because I know things have changed and my little girl has grown up! I am going to miss having her in the house all the time, even though she can be "challenging" sometimes. She is so excited that this next birthday (which comes at the end of this month) is #20......glad she won't be a teenager anymore!

So in honor of my baby growing up and going off to live at college here are a couple of my favorite photos of her as a child.
I love you Jordan!!

Do you notice a trend here?? She is my animal lover and has loved horses her entire life! This is her best buddy, Jeremy, that she loves with all her heart!
She is majoring in Animal Science  with a focus on Equine Sciences (no surprise there!) and I know she will do great!! She already has.....did I mention she has already been going to UGA, she's just moving away from home now to do it! (Class schedules have become to difficult to drive from home only 30 miles away) Can' t wait for graduation day and exactly what she will do with this degree!!
I am just glad that she is able to go to college and work on something she loves and who knows, with this economy, she may end up with the best job ever!  Just not sure what it is!! Good Luck Baby!!

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