Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Philadelphia Trip

Back from Philly and really enjoyed the trip. My husband is a soccer coach and we went to the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) held every January. I've never been to Philadelphia and being a history teacher this is one of those places I've always wanted to go. Of course winter is NOT the time to go and do a lot of sight seeing, mainly because many of the places are closed for the winter (or at least January and February....bummer!)
I had a great time and everyone we met was very nice in Philadelphia. It's so different from Georgia and I love exploring new places!! Of course we saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall! We took one of those double deck bus tours and had a great guide and got some great views all over the city. Would have really like to have been able to get some more pictures, but with a bumpy ride it was difficult, very blurry pictures! The Reading Market is amazing!! Wow, all of the food and interesting places there was just awesome!
I definitely love to travel, however I hate to pay for bags to fly! It's so difficult in the winter time to pack a carry on bag with the bulkiness of winter clothes! I've got to learn to pack better so that I don't have to pay for bags!!! :-)
Also my birthday happens to always fall during this convention, so I get to pick places to go and eat. Well the best dinner we had was on Wednesday night at The Melting Pot and that was really fun. I love taking pictures of the food we eat and at this restaurant you actually cook your own food.....which sounds like work, but it's not. I really like the dessert plate the best with the peanut butter mixed in with the chocolate! So then on Thursday we had lunch at Moshulu and it was good! The atmosphere was the best. It is the largest four-masted sailing ship in the world still afloat that just happens to be a restaurant. Pricey for the food you get......guess it's just a bit too much for me. Check out the pictures! It is moored at Penn's Landing on the Delaware River. We sat by a window seat viewing the river and looked over at New Jersey (which is just across the Delaware River).
All in all a very fun trip!! So Jordan's birthday is 10 days after mine and we are going to Medieval Times for her birthday celebration, so look for pictures and a report on the next birthday adventure!! Got lots of new pictures to work on my 2010 scrapbook!  Gotta get busy!  Until the next time!!

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