Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day Fun!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! But since we had snow this weekend that is what I want to talk about today. Friday we got snow again! It began snowing on Friday around 3pm and it didn't stop until late in the evening! So once everyone got home and we ate, the guys wanted to play in the snow. We seem to have some required equipment at our house: golf cart, old hydroslide (ancient first generation wake board), ropes, snow clothing gear, so it began. We pulled each other around the snowy/icy streets and had a blast. However on Saturday morning we had to go out again and try it in the snow. After bundling up, we headed out and this time we went to the Loganville High School Football field. We headed to the back parking lot and the big open field was just covered so that's where we began. Justyn started it off and covered in we headed out to the street and it was probably even more fun. The streets were all ice and it was easier to manuever the hydroslide there. Each of us took a turn, even the "old" people and had a blast, though not without some bumps!
Here is the shot of all of us with the old hyrdoslide
Lots of fun was had by all and it really wore us out. Everyone took naps in the afternoon and watched the Olympics!! Hope you all had fun in the Snow!! More Meanderings later.......

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