Friday, February 26, 2010

To Retire or Not......

Well in year 29 of working at the same school system and its decision time, very soon! I do have a year of sick leave that will make it 30 years!! WOW!! However this economy is NOT helping in the decision making process at all, in fact it's exacerbating the options. The school system is making cuts by not hiring retirees at all, part time or other-wise. So there went my plans for continuing to work part time.

So do I look for a new job???? That's a bit scary after not having to worry about a job for the last 29 years AND with the economy being the way it is will I even be able to find a thing?!?!
Or do I just stay for another year??? And hope the economy gets better or that Gwinnett might change it's mind about the retiree policy?? Yeah right, like that is going to happen!
And with the wedding of Jordan next summer (2011) I could use the money, but don't need any more stress prior to the wedding!!
So if you have any helpful advice or know of any good jobs out there that would work for me......I'm trying very hard to listen and really hear and know what I should do!! HELP!!!

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