Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is Here........

Well we hope it is! The last few days have been beautiful and lead you to believe that it is going to stay warm. Hopefully it will!! It made me think about getting my garden ready. Yes can you believe that I had a garden last year?? It was my first and I had three tomato plants and they were gorgeous! So this year I'm going to add a few more things.....still small scale but want to add a few more different veggies. Will get busy in the backyard this week if the rains will stay away!!

 These are my plants from last year! 


And the first three tomatoes from them! I did have a problem with splitting, but I think that was due to the rain and that wasn't something I could stop! There was lots of rain last year and I didn't have to water them but one time, Mother Nature took care of it for me!!

Hopefully I can have the same success this year and want to include either a pea or bean and some peppers.
If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the decision is?????

Well with the economy the way it is I'm a bit nervous about retiring! What can I say, I've gotten really used to the security of a job in education and the thought of trying to find a job right now is a bit scary! After speaking with the retirement consultant I did learn a few things and found out that I will financially be good! I just know me and realize that I have got to find something to do with my life to keep me busy. I'm way too young to draw retirement from all of my retirement accounts, however because I will have worked for 30 years for one group I can draw my retirement right after I do in fact retire!!
And with the wedding in June of 2011 it will give me a chance to save another year! I've also asked Michael Richards to send me any and all projects extra so that I can have that additional money without feeling it so badly!!

So I've made the decision and I"m happy with it! I cannot believe that I have worked for the same school system for 29 years at this point! The time has just flown by. I can't believe Jordan is 20 years old, a junior in college and getting married next year! I'm going to make every effort to enjoy this last year and prepare for the next chapter in my life!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Camera

Got my new digital SLR camera and can't wait to really begin using it and taking some fun pictures. I actually purchased it off of eBay, my first ebay purchase, and it was used, but it is great!  I had a great experience with this so I'll probably try it again! It really didn't appear to be very used at all and got all the documentation and helpful dvd's that go with it as well. 
I got the Nikon D60 digital SLR 
 I tried it out at Jim's soccer game on the day that I got it without reading anything. Just wanted to play a little bit and see how it worked. Had to first go and get a memory card. Did you realize that they are so cheap?? I didn't! It's been ages since I had to buy one and I got a 4G for only $20 at Walmart!
The camera is so FAST!! YEAH!! That is one of the things that I really wanted in a camera.  I've missed so many shots of Jordan over fences because my other camera wasn't as fast. I was able to take shots of the girls moving down the field with the ball and it looked like one of those flip books that you was fabulous!!
I am so excited!  We are going to Kentucky to watch the Blue Grass Stakes Race at Keeneland in early April. Can't wait to show you the pictures I get of the horses racing!! Might eventually be a Derby winner!! I hope!!