Monday, April 19, 2010

UGA Rodeo

This past weekend we went to UGA, Animal and Dairy Science Arena and watched the Great Southland Stampede Rodeo. Friday night was Are you Tough enough to .......wear Pink?? Well we were! $1 of every one that wore pink went to the Deanna Favre HOPE foundation.
 Took a friend with us, Frances Thompson, while her husband is hiking the Appalachian Trail. It was lots of fun!!

They had lots of stuff to do: there was a petting zoo for the kids with ducks and chicks, piglets, a cow, some dogs, and you could lasso catfish! You could have your picture made on Freckles the bull, buy all kinds of goodies and ride the mechanical bull.

And the rodeo was really good as well.........of course there was bull riding which is always the highlight of the rodeo. They had bronco riding, calf roping, steer wrestling, team roping, and barrel racing.

And of course there is always a clown.....John Harrison......if you look closely at the picture you will see that he is actually riding with his feet up in the air.

The students did a great job with getting this all done! Ashley Buford did a fabulous job at the Chairman!! I know that they all worked incredibly hard and very late hours to pull it off! Thanks for a fun evening of entertainment!

Frances and I enjoying the rodeo

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break!

Hey Ya'll!
Last week during Spring Break I also helped out a friend, Lou Bryant. Her daughter is getting married in June and Jordan is in the wedding. I was helping with the homemade wedding invitations! They are really very nice and we were actually stitching the stems into the paper of the invitations. I also wanted to just talk weddings with my friend Lou, so she could give me pointers as we begin the process of prepartions for Jordan's wedding next June! We've got a date and place....more later on that I'm sure.
Lou and I went to lunch at McCray's on the Square and ate up on the rooftop deck!  Wow it sure was nice up there that day, just a bit windy, but great views of downtown Lawrenceville!!
Here are Lou and I after eating.

 Here's a pretty shot of the old Lawrenceville Court House.We had veggie quesadillas with chicken and they were very good!! Nice to spend some time outside having lunch with friends.
This is a shot looking south down Hwy. 29. There is another new fun looking restaurant there as well. Lawrenceville has a great little downtown area and lots of fun activities they plan for all year.We headed back to Lou's to finish the invitations!  Didn't get them all done, but made a very large dent in her stack! Glad I could help her out and of course we got to gossip some too!!! Can't wait to get my invitation in the mail!! Looking forward to the wedding!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Day in Kentucky

Now that I"m rested, I'll tell you about our last day in Kentucky. We went to the Kentucky Horse Park, which is very nice. It's quite large and they are getting ready for the World Equestrian Games which will be in September and October.
They have museums that honor the history of the horse and it's importance in history. There is a demonstration of Breeds of Horses of the World. They show you some very famous and winning horses and show videos of their performances. There are historical displays of farm equipment and other interesting horse related stuff!

We spent most of the morning there and of course I spent money in the gift shop. Kentucky is very beautiful in the spring and a wonderful place. Jordan is planning on going there upon graduation from UGA, so it was a good trip to see it!
The races were awesome and plan on going back again! One day I will make it to the Derby!! Maybe when I retire and Jordan is married and living there, we'll be able to go!! Looking forward to it!
Hope you have enjoyed hearing about my trip!
Cheryl, Jordan, and Jim in the Big Chairs.....which were part of the 1978 World Games that were in Kentucky. They were 2 of the chairs of a jump called "The Giant's Table"
Cigar--the 2nd winningest horse in racing history

Explanation of the Kentucky Dry Stacked Fences....loved them

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The second day in Lexington was spent at Keeneland all day. We began with breakfast at Keeneland! We were there at 7am. and after breakfast we watched the warmup riders. That's interesting and fun, however you really can't tell who the horses are.
So we hung out the rest of the day......some of us slept (not naming names) and some of us went shopping and looking around. Races didn't start until 1:05pm. Justyn and I decided to do a little we made our selections after studying the race form for the day and we and made our bets on our favorites. I won a whole $4.50 from a $30 bet (lost $25.50) and Justyn won $13.00 from a $30 obviously we didn't do too well. We had fun though! The horse that Justyn and I picked in the first race came in dead last.....and boy did Jordan and Jim give us grief.....what a way to start!
So we ended up having a great day! Here are a few of the shots of the day!! Go Stately Victor the long-shot winner of the Toyota Blue Grass Stakes Race:
if you placed a $2 bet on him to win, you won $82.50, he was a 40-1 long-shot that no many thought would win!
So tomorrow is the last day in Lexington and we're off to the Kentucky Horse Park in the morning and visiting the Horse Museum there.
More good stuff tomorrow!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

First Day in Lexington, KY

On our first day here we visited the Thoroughbred Center and got to watch some of the warm up riders on the track. Currently there are over 800 boarders at the Center and lots of action on the track.

And we listened to Mike Cameron, a farm owner that boards at the Thoroughbred Center. He showed us his horse, TellALittleSecret, and answered lots of questions about horses and training and even betting! This was a horse that Justyn had an opportunity to have a share in last year, but had just recovered from surgery, so he passed. Well.....she actually has done very well after recovering from surgery. She has won most of the races she's been entered in. She did the best on a turf track.
Mike is an interesting character and just tells it like he see's it! It was a good morning at the Thoroughbred Center.

We also went to Taylor Made, which is a consignment and breeding sales company. This is the group that Justyn worked for last year at the September sales. We met John Hall at the Yearling barns and he spent the next three hours showing us around the farm! We had a great time learning about exactly what Taylor Made does and how they operate. We got to go to the Stallion barns and visit the stallions that have made huge money and in the racing business pedigree is everything!! We got to see Master Commander, Northern Afleet, and Unbridled Song and where they live! Wow....what a great life these horses have! We also met many nice people at the office, including the President of Taylor Made, Duncan Taylor. They are all very nice and just down-to-earth people. The farm is gorgeous!!
This is Jordan and Justyn with John Hall, our tour guide. We drove around and found some of the farms later and then got a bit to eat at Drake's!
It was a very good day and had lots of fun!  We have an early start in the morning, since we want to watch the warm ups which begin at 7am. We are also going to eat the the Track Kitchen!! So goodnight until tomorrow night!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Atlanta Braves Baseball

Decided to go to the Atlanta Braves Baseball Home Opener yesterday and see what the new team looks like. This is Braves Manager Bobby Cox's last season with the Braves and wanted to be a part of that.

Also there are a lot of new young guys on the team this year and wow did they contribute to the big win, 16-5.  We also decided we need to get out some more and haven't been to a Braves game in about 2 years and thought since it's Spring Break and we had nothing better to do it would be something fun and entertaining to do! Other than traffic around the stadium, it was a really good trip. We went and didn't even have tickets, but ended up buying some Standing Room Only tickets and got in and just walked around the terrace level until we found a good spot to stand and watch. We ended up on the 3rd base side with nice people all around, originally picked a spot near some LOUD Cub fans and just had to move! Since the Braves were winning big, a lot of people with kids left early and we ended up being able to sit down right there where we had stood and watched the game, it was under the shade which was good, since it was sunny and hot! Hope those people in the sun brought sunscreen, it was brutal!!
Here is Bobby Cox at the beginning of the game handing the umpires his scorecard/roster

Wow Jason Heyward had a great opening!!  In the first he hit a homerun with 2 runners on base. Wish I had gotten a picture of that, but alas did not. Closing pitcher Billy Wagner did a great job as well!! I did a shot of him.

Great day for an Opening Season Baseball game! It was really hot, but isn't that how it's supposed to be for Baseball?? My nephew was at the game from Florida, but just texted him, didn't get to see him! Hi AJ! We'll make better plans next time.
So until the next time..........Go Braves!!