Friday, April 9, 2010

First Day in Lexington, KY

On our first day here we visited the Thoroughbred Center and got to watch some of the warm up riders on the track. Currently there are over 800 boarders at the Center and lots of action on the track.

And we listened to Mike Cameron, a farm owner that boards at the Thoroughbred Center. He showed us his horse, TellALittleSecret, and answered lots of questions about horses and training and even betting! This was a horse that Justyn had an opportunity to have a share in last year, but had just recovered from surgery, so he passed. Well.....she actually has done very well after recovering from surgery. She has won most of the races she's been entered in. She did the best on a turf track.
Mike is an interesting character and just tells it like he see's it! It was a good morning at the Thoroughbred Center.

We also went to Taylor Made, which is a consignment and breeding sales company. This is the group that Justyn worked for last year at the September sales. We met John Hall at the Yearling barns and he spent the next three hours showing us around the farm! We had a great time learning about exactly what Taylor Made does and how they operate. We got to go to the Stallion barns and visit the stallions that have made huge money and in the racing business pedigree is everything!! We got to see Master Commander, Northern Afleet, and Unbridled Song and where they live! Wow....what a great life these horses have! We also met many nice people at the office, including the President of Taylor Made, Duncan Taylor. They are all very nice and just down-to-earth people. The farm is gorgeous!!
This is Jordan and Justyn with John Hall, our tour guide. We drove around and found some of the farms later and then got a bit to eat at Drake's!
It was a very good day and had lots of fun!  We have an early start in the morning, since we want to watch the warm ups which begin at 7am. We are also going to eat the the Track Kitchen!! So goodnight until tomorrow night!!

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