Saturday, April 10, 2010


The second day in Lexington was spent at Keeneland all day. We began with breakfast at Keeneland! We were there at 7am. and after breakfast we watched the warmup riders. That's interesting and fun, however you really can't tell who the horses are.
So we hung out the rest of the day......some of us slept (not naming names) and some of us went shopping and looking around. Races didn't start until 1:05pm. Justyn and I decided to do a little we made our selections after studying the race form for the day and we and made our bets on our favorites. I won a whole $4.50 from a $30 bet (lost $25.50) and Justyn won $13.00 from a $30 obviously we didn't do too well. We had fun though! The horse that Justyn and I picked in the first race came in dead last.....and boy did Jordan and Jim give us grief.....what a way to start!
So we ended up having a great day! Here are a few of the shots of the day!! Go Stately Victor the long-shot winner of the Toyota Blue Grass Stakes Race:
if you placed a $2 bet on him to win, you won $82.50, he was a 40-1 long-shot that no many thought would win!
So tomorrow is the last day in Lexington and we're off to the Kentucky Horse Park in the morning and visiting the Horse Museum there.
More good stuff tomorrow!!

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