Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Day in Kentucky

Now that I"m rested, I'll tell you about our last day in Kentucky. We went to the Kentucky Horse Park, which is very nice. It's quite large and they are getting ready for the World Equestrian Games which will be in September and October.
They have museums that honor the history of the horse and it's importance in history. There is a demonstration of Breeds of Horses of the World. They show you some very famous and winning horses and show videos of their performances. There are historical displays of farm equipment and other interesting horse related stuff!

We spent most of the morning there and of course I spent money in the gift shop. Kentucky is very beautiful in the spring and a wonderful place. Jordan is planning on going there upon graduation from UGA, so it was a good trip to see it!
The races were awesome and plan on going back again! One day I will make it to the Derby!! Maybe when I retire and Jordan is married and living there, we'll be able to go!! Looking forward to it!
Hope you have enjoyed hearing about my trip!
Cheryl, Jordan, and Jim in the Big Chairs.....which were part of the 1978 World Games that were in Kentucky. They were 2 of the chairs of a jump called "The Giant's Table"
Cigar--the 2nd winningest horse in racing history

Explanation of the Kentucky Dry Stacked Fences....loved them

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