Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break!

Hey Ya'll!
Last week during Spring Break I also helped out a friend, Lou Bryant. Her daughter is getting married in June and Jordan is in the wedding. I was helping with the homemade wedding invitations! They are really very nice and we were actually stitching the stems into the paper of the invitations. I also wanted to just talk weddings with my friend Lou, so she could give me pointers as we begin the process of prepartions for Jordan's wedding next June! We've got a date and place....more later on that I'm sure.
Lou and I went to lunch at McCray's on the Square and ate up on the rooftop deck!  Wow it sure was nice up there that day, just a bit windy, but great views of downtown Lawrenceville!!
Here are Lou and I after eating.

 Here's a pretty shot of the old Lawrenceville Court House.We had veggie quesadillas with chicken and they were very good!! Nice to spend some time outside having lunch with friends.
This is a shot looking south down Hwy. 29. There is another new fun looking restaurant there as well. Lawrenceville has a great little downtown area and lots of fun activities they plan for all year.We headed back to Lou's to finish the invitations!  Didn't get them all done, but made a very large dent in her stack! Glad I could help her out and of course we got to gossip some too!!! Can't wait to get my invitation in the mail!! Looking forward to the wedding!

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