Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I've Won a Prize!!

Well I have just found out that I have won a prize on Persnickety Prints!! I entered their National Scrapbook Day Week giveaways and I actually won!!! Check it out!! Persnickety Prints scroll down to the bottom and I am on the 4th prize on the right side! I won a 16 x 20 gallery wrap.....if you have never bought one of these you should take your favorite picture and have it done!  It is awesome!!
I am so excited!! Now....to decide which picture to use......hmmmmmmmm!!
Thank you Persnickety Prints!! If you've not ever ordered from them you should try them out. The pictures and prints come out great!! I've now added their badge to my website to make it easier to use them!! Try them out!!

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