Monday, May 24, 2010

Kayaking on the Crystal River

Spent some time kayaking with family on the Crystal River. It is just so beautiful in this part of Florida, with the springs that you can visit as you paddle your way through parts of the Crystal River.
We went to A Crystal River Kayak Co. and rented 4 kayaks, 3 singles and a double for 2 hours to spend investigating and enjoying the wildlife.

So we all grab our gear and get a few pictures to get started and we head out. Taking the canal and going under the culvert to get to the River and on to King's Bay area. Within 10 minutes of leaving the dock at Crystal River Kayak Company, we were at Three Sisters Springs and the entrance is quite deceiving, but once you go in it's absolutely gorgeous. The water is so clear and it's 72 degrees all the time. It's just beautiful! There were some people go through diving certification. It was so peaceful here. 
So as we leave the Springs area and head out to Kings Bay we are looking for Manatees and we see at least 3 as we move into the area of the Bay. We see all kinds of wildlife including, osprey, turtle, manatees, fish, and even a couple of porpoises playing. We actually paddle around Banana Island which is part of the Crystal River Wildlife Refuge area.
Since we only rented our kayaks for 2 hours, we begin to head back and we stopped at Three Sisters to enjoy one more time......and then we head back to the shop to head for a nice lunch at Cracker's.
Definitely a very enjoyable first day of relaxation time!!

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