Sunday, May 23, 2010

May has been busy!

Well May has been so busy, every weekend has been full of things going on! Traveled to Florida to be with family and friends as another graduation year is winding down!! Stopped in Macon to see nephew Zack graduate on Friday night and attended Baccalaureate for Ben in Inverness today. It's been lots of years since my own graduation from the same high school that Ben is graduating from and you know not much has changed.......Oh yes Inverness has changed bunches, in fact the high school that I attended is not the same building. It burned down back in the mid 1980's so everything about Citrus High is new and different than when I attended,  but what I was thinking about as I say not much has changed is that what happens at this time of year has not changed. The things said by adults, parents, and the kids is basically the same! Since I'm going to retire this next school year and have been involved in education for the last 29, it is a May ritual and definitely a rite of passage for the Seniors. Now that I'm on the "back-end" of this time and seeing nieces and nephews graduating and knowing that Jordan will be graduating from UGA next May, it's interesting how everyone handles it. 
I thought my sister-in-law Janet would have the hardest time, but my brother got very emotional during the church service this morning recognizing the graduates. It is emotional when you begin to think how your life is changing.....not ending by any means, we're old but not ancient......but for the Seniors it's a new chapter in their lives and they must move onward to their own adult lives. But as parents letting go of these kids, especially college grads, it's also a new chapter in our lives......empty nesters as they say. With my decision made to retire after one more final year of education I'm looking forward to doing what I want to do without first consulting the school calendar, which I've done ALL of my life. I can spend some time doing all those things that I never could get round to because there just were not enough hours in the day! Or there were papers to grade. I am going to embrace this year with as much gusto as I can......because we have some serious changes going on at Gwinnett Online Campus. I am going to try and enjoy the ride one last time of my chosen career path for 30  years and then who knows what I will be embracing next........if you have any really good ideas or suggestions for part time work you MUST let me know!!
More this week since I'm off and spending it with some crazy things I want to share with you about my fabulous family!!
Here are a few pics from the Bacccalaureate and party afterwards!  Enjoy!

Ben and his girlfriend Bethany

Ben with the cookie that Aunt Kay made!

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