Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plants in backyard!!

Giant Hosta!
This plant has gotten so large and I have two that have done this! It actually has covered another hosta right next to it. I've got 7 hostas that were all planted at the same time and this one and one other have become giant plants! I have seriously got to divide this plant before next year or I'm afraid the other plant will die! They have all grown at different rates, and I understand they are different kinds, but this one is HUGE!!! It's gorgeous, but huge!!

See the other hosta just underneath the leaves?? It has the light edge leaves. It is also being covered by the hosta to it's right as well.....clearly it's not as large as the one to it's left, but it's BIG! I do Like hostas and would love to have more! They always look so cool and peaceful to me, which is what a garden is supposed to do for you!
The newest plants I've added to the backyard are some Hydrangeas....they are the Mini Penny versions. I actually knew the lady that these were named for, Mrs. Penny McHenry. She had the most beautiful garden in her backyard, that was called Hydrangea Heaven. She had so many kinds of hydrangeas and knew how to propogate and that is why this variety is named for her. Jim taught her son in high school and he is now a HS coach in Colorado.....is the ski team coach (what a great job!) Mrs. Penny Mac is gone now, but her legacy lives on with her hydrangeas!
This is what they look like now.....they are still very young, but very pretty and dainty flowers. I would love to have tons more hydrangeas in my backyard.......maybe some day!
Maybe I'll have more time for gardening when I retire next year! I hope so!!

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