Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well here I am in Florida again visiting my daddy. On Saturday Sept. 4th he fell and broke his hip, had surgery on Sunday and has 3 screws to fix the break. Wednesday he had surgery to have a catheter hooked up to his bladder and Thursday went to Health South Rehabilitation Hospital. I was finally able to make it to Florida to see him.
Friday he was in pretty good shape, he was talkative, somewhat in pain, and knew who I was. Janet, Jimmy, Kay, Rebekah and I stayed for quite some time and he was quite funny at several points.

There are turkeys that "hang out" back of daddy's window. At one point he even said, get the shot gun and we'll put one in the freezer! You had to smile at that!!
Saturday he was not in such great shape. He refused to work in therapy and is very ugly to the therapists that are trying to help him out. He didn't want us to help, encourage, or push him into trying either......he would rather just sleep or pretend sleep until we left him alone.
The dilemma is that he will be leaving this facility soon and who knows how long Medicare will pay for him to stay at Arbor Trails in Inverness for the therapy aspect. However he is going to ultimately live there in the nursing home/skilled care section of the facility and that is when the problems will start. I am shocked at how expensive a facility like this costs!!
So I'm going to visit tomorrow again and hope to stay positive and encouraging to him and hope he will be in better spirits tomorrow!