Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Basement Living

Well the basement is done and mostly furnished, it will still be an ongoing project for some time. However the living area is complete, except nothing on walls yet. We got the new TV hooked up just in time for the Florida-Georgia game so that we can enjoy it even larger than all of the others.
That's a genuine antique piano......It was Jim's grandmother's and we had it refinished a few years ago. It's absolutely gorgeous, but it's heavy to move! The insides now need help, but there isn't anyone that plays it so it won't do a lot of good!
And you can see into the exercise room and it's definitely getting it's share of use as well.  Still got to find a new years of use out of my old one and it finally got chunked as we began work on this basement.

And on the other side we've purchased a little counter height table with drop leaves and two can view the TV nicely from it as well!
Used all of our old furniture and it works well down here!
And I'm working on the computer down here.....didn't know if the wireless would work here or not, but yeah, it does!!
So we have lots more room for visitors if you would like to come and see us!! And you all know who I'm talking about!!!
Come and enjoy the basement with us soon!!!

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