Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Tribute to my Mom!

I like themed Christmas trees! A friend of mine has one in her kitchen and I decided that I wanted to create a kitchen tree this year! And since my mom was such a great cook and I have a few of her kitchen items now I thought I would make a kitchen tree in tribute to my mother! So I wanted a bit smaller tree and went to one of my favorite Christmas stores and found one that was pre-lite and was deeply discounted because it had a bent leg, but it is really fine and no one will even notice it!!! So I tied ribbons to mom's cookie cutters and bought a couple of "kitchen" type of ornaments and used a few that I already had and here is my Kitchen Tree!

 Hope you like my tree!! Love and miss my momma!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfulness!!

This year I am thankful to be spending time with my family! We spent the day at Janet and Jim's and we were able to bring daddy to the house to enjoy some time with the family! It was so great having him home with us! I've spend many thanksgivings with these people and this year is the first time I've really notice how "old" we are all getting.......the kids have all just about grown up and daddy is still with us, however he is just not in great shape. I'm so grateful to my brother for picking him up and bringing him home to spend time with us....this is not easy and he was so angry when he had to go and was willing to fight Jim for disturbing his peacefulness in the recliner. These are some of my favorite people to be around.....I know some of you may find that hard to believe, but family is what is really important! To tell all of our old stories on each other and celebrate life with each other is truly a blessing!! I am going to miss daddy, Colleen, Marion and Ken Jordan when they won't be joining us any more and just really grateful God allowed us all to be together one more year!!
These are the pictures of a few of these people!
Daddy mashing potatoes with Ben and Jordan. This is tradition!

Daddy in recliner

Ken and Marion Jordan, Janet's mom and dad, and Colleen, Jeff's mom

Jordan, daddy, Jim, Ben and AJ watching TV
I love my family and am very thankful for them on this Thanksgiving Day!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little I Show

This past Sunday the Block and Bridle Club at the University of Georgia hosted the Little I Show. It features college students competing in the  showing of different animal species, including sheep, hogs, horses, dairy cows, and beef cows. You select the species you want to show and the top two winners of those divisions then compete in a round robin in which you show each of the species. 
Jordan was in charge of the Horse division (which she won last year) and had the responsibility of training anyone signed up how to show horses in a showmanship pattern. 
Here she is watching one of her students that was showing in the ring at the time.
Brittany Davis won the horse division and here she is receiving her trophy.

Here are some pictures from the round robin competition. Jordan's roommate won her species division and eventually was the reserve champion of the entire competition!! Way to go Austin! 

And here are the two winners!!

Got some great candid shots around the arena.....

Here is Jordan instructing some of the top ten on how to show in the Horse species and the pattern they will have to perform for the competition.
Just wanted to give kudos to the Block and Bridle Club on a really fun show!!
Jordan has very much enjoyed participating and helping with all the activities of this club. Look forward to my post in the Spring about the Rodeo Block and Bridle puts on....can't wait to see it this year!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tough Times

Wow, sometimes life just hands you some really difficult situations all at once! Traveled to Florida late last Thursday to meet with a lawyer to talk about daddy's situation. Glad we did though, since I think there is a good solution for all sides.
And unfortunately got more bad news on Sunday morning. Barbara Reed passed away. Barbara and Bob own the barn where we board Jordan's horses. She has been dealing with cancer for years, yet she managed to continue to work throughout the chemotherapy and radiation. She also loved horses and showing and she won many events on Jordan's beloved Jeremy.Still active in her 60's, Jeremy always took care of Barbara and it may have helped that she also took care of him!! She was still battling through all her treatments and planning on showing at Newton County in the Spring. Barbara was also a teacher that loved working with the difficult students that most teachers don't want to deal with. She had incredible patience and knew the right things to say and do to reach them! Gwinnett County has lost one of it's best assets and she will be sorely missed!
Pray for Bob her husband who is now incredibly lonely and dealing with the barn duties alone at this point. He misses her horribly.
So here are a few pictures of Barbara showing and winning!! Rest In Peace Barbara........