Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfulness!!

This year I am thankful to be spending time with my family! We spent the day at Janet and Jim's and we were able to bring daddy to the house to enjoy some time with the family! It was so great having him home with us! I've spend many thanksgivings with these people and this year is the first time I've really notice how "old" we are all getting.......the kids have all just about grown up and daddy is still with us, however he is just not in great shape. I'm so grateful to my brother for picking him up and bringing him home to spend time with us....this is not easy and he was so angry when he had to go and was willing to fight Jim for disturbing his peacefulness in the recliner. These are some of my favorite people to be around.....I know some of you may find that hard to believe, but family is what is really important! To tell all of our old stories on each other and celebrate life with each other is truly a blessing!! I am going to miss daddy, Colleen, Marion and Ken Jordan when they won't be joining us any more and just really grateful God allowed us all to be together one more year!!
These are the pictures of a few of these people!
Daddy mashing potatoes with Ben and Jordan. This is tradition!

Daddy in recliner

Ken and Marion Jordan, Janet's mom and dad, and Colleen, Jeff's mom

Jordan, daddy, Jim, Ben and AJ watching TV
I love my family and am very thankful for them on this Thanksgiving Day!!

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