Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tough Times

Wow, sometimes life just hands you some really difficult situations all at once! Traveled to Florida late last Thursday to meet with a lawyer to talk about daddy's situation. Glad we did though, since I think there is a good solution for all sides.
And unfortunately got more bad news on Sunday morning. Barbara Reed passed away. Barbara and Bob own the barn where we board Jordan's horses. She has been dealing with cancer for years, yet she managed to continue to work throughout the chemotherapy and radiation. She also loved horses and showing and she won many events on Jordan's beloved Jeremy.Still active in her 60's, Jeremy always took care of Barbara and it may have helped that she also took care of him!! She was still battling through all her treatments and planning on showing at Newton County in the Spring. Barbara was also a teacher that loved working with the difficult students that most teachers don't want to deal with. She had incredible patience and knew the right things to say and do to reach them! Gwinnett County has lost one of it's best assets and she will be sorely missed!
Pray for Bob her husband who is now incredibly lonely and dealing with the barn duties alone at this point. He misses her horribly.
So here are a few pictures of Barbara showing and winning!! Rest In Peace Barbara........

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