Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Storm 2011

Long week here in the metro Atlanta area! Lots of snow still on the ground. However, you see it wasn't just snow....there was sleet and freezing temperatures all week, so it made getting out and around an adventure! So I choose not to go to Baltimore with Jim due to the weather. Many of the places I wanted to tour were not going to be operating due to snow and ice there as well. So although Gwinnett County Public Schools were out ALL week (yes 5 whole days....which in my 30 years has never happened before), Gwinnett Online Campus still was working because, well frankly, we can! We have a new semester beginning in 2 weeks AND we are moving to a new platform (D2L-for those of you that know what I'm talking about). Still learning about everything with the new system and frankly don't have all the answers as the Technologist on campus, but we've worked through many issues, but alas there are many more!

I did need to get out yesterday, due to dental appointment, picking up new glasses and getting car tag. Once I slid down the driveway I was good! The worst road conditions were on the road our subdivision is on, there is a bit of shade and just wasn't getting the sun or the warmth long enough to melt it away! But the major roads were very good and was able to get where I needed without any problems!
The problems began on my return to the house.......I couldn't get my car up the driveway!! AAARRRGGGHHH!! So I waited until about 3:00pm thinking the warmth of the day would help (it did), but since Jim and the golf cart had been up and down the driveway a few times earlier in the week it had packed down the snow and had frozen over into ice!! No salt at the Mitchell house (or kitty litter) to assist, so that meant the shovel! I got out there and picked at, and shoveled that mess trying to clear a path so that I could drive up. Well that was an adventure I don't want to soon repeat!

Thought I had it after 30-45 minutes so I got back in the car and tried.......didn't work, but I was up off the road and though oh well, I'll just leave it parked here. Put it in park and put on the emergency brake and promptly began sliding back down into the road.
Well.....that wasn't going to work, so I parked it again and got the shovel back out and tried some more. You know I had on my coat and was sweating like crazy and the dogs were barking at me while I was doing this.....decided to take a break and really got hot when I came back in the house. Let the dogs out for a while and rested. 
Headed back out after a break to shovel and pick at the ice again........I'm getting really sick and tired of this mess at this point. My neighbors were out this time cleaning the snow off of their sidewalk to the front door. These are retired folks and probably right at 70 years old. So they work there way around and I'm picking away. Try again in the a little further but not where I need to be. Getting madder as more time has gone by and still no success. My body is also getting very sore at this point (how do people up north do this all the time???) thinking that just a bit more and my tires can get a grip and I'll be done. So work a bit more and try luck and now I'm so frustrated and angry and hot. 
Go into the house to work on something else for a minute and to rest again. Work with school stuff and actually had success, so I felt a little better and rested so I decided one last time to get a bit more and feeling like I should really be able to make it this last time. So I get the shovel out one more time and worked with a vengence and thought it was just about ready and my neighbor, Marge, comes out with her shovel and says she has just got to come out and help she helps me finish up moving a few more chunks of the frozen stuff and I think we've got it. I also feel bad that she came out to help......I definitely owe her something for that!!

Well I decided to try one more time.......YEAHHHHH!! Finally was able to make it, did burn some rubber on my driveway but I made it. Got the car in the garage and was very happy and tired!
Here is what it looked like when I finally was able to achieve success!!!

Later in the evening I took a really long, hot shower to help the aching body and it's not too bad the next morning!! Thank goodness!
So after resting and reflecting I have a couple of thoughts........

....the next house I buy will NOT have a hill for a driveway !!

....or I may have to get a truck with 4 wheel drive like everyone else in the house (none of them were here though to help)!!! Think that would work?

...why in the HECK do people live in the areas that recieve this kind of snow??? I'm a Florida girl that moved to Georgia and is ready to retire to somewhere warm or at least without snow or the thought of snow removal!! I really like this one the best!!! 

So how do you live where it's cold and deal with this??? And more importantly WHY????
Ya'll have a nice day!!!

"You're a winner. The tests of life are not meant to break you, but to make you."
~Norman Vincent Peale~

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