Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 3 of Scappin'

It's been another great day of scrapbookin'!! I'm getting so much done!  In fact I'm all the way up to October 2010.....goal-->to get 2010 completed!! May fall a bit short of the goal, but continuing to work and get pages done!

This is the last page I just completed tonight. It's from October 4, 2010 when we went tailgating at UGA with some of Jim's friends from high school.
 And LOOK.......we had a Chocolate Fountain Bar!!! Woo Hoo!! I just love chocolate! There are pretzels, small bites of pound cake, bananas, and marshmallows to dip!! There were also brownies!!

We just have all kinds of FUN at these retreats!! If you love scrapbookin' you should check my scrapbookin' group!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Scrappin' Continued

Day 2 it continues.......moving forward and finally getting some more pages completed in my scrapbook. I am making purchases of albums this year. These are the two gorgeous albums (the pictures do not do them justice) I am purchasing and going to use once I get my pages printed.....

And this is the view down my table! Hey Judy and Susan!
And to show you that I'm actually completing some are a couple that I did tonight from when my brother and sister-in-law came to visit last June

Well that's all for tonight! Enjoy my pictures! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yeah!! I'm again Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center with scrap book friends!  We are all working hard preserving our family memories, so that years from now others will be able to pick up our albums and know who we were, what we did, and how important our families are to us!

So here is how I scrapbook now.......

I take my laptop and my camera and my iphone with tunes and I get it done!  I LOVE DIGITAL scrapping! I use Creative Memories Storybook Creator to complete my scrapbooks! I love the fact that you can re-use content over and over and in fact change it to make it look different every time you use it! So no one else will have a page exactly like yours!
This is Pegi....she's my Creative Memories consultant and uses her time to organize and scan pictures when she has time. She was really concentrating a lot on Thursday night! 
And here is half of our room with our very small group working on Thursday night. Most of the girls don't come until Friday, so we are expecting about 11 - 12 more people here!

It's lots of fun....and there are prizes to be won!! 
There are no tvs out here, so we use our computers as our entertainment centers.

It's a great way to spend a weekend and get something accomplished that I love!!
If you haven't tried it you should!  You can also make some really neat gifts!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Niece!

Saturday I was in Kissimmee, Florida for the Florida High School Athletic Association Girls Weightlifting tournament. My niece had qualified and it was time to perform!! She got sick with strep throat on Wednesday so was taking antibiotics and wasn't feeling her best, but I think the adrenaline was flowing.

She had a great day! She got her personal best combination!! If you have never watched weightlifting you get 3 lifts, so it's important that you don't go in too low or too high. You want to be able to get all three lifts and go up each time! You also want to use your best strategy to beat the your opponents. She is in the 110 lb. weight class/division........

 Here she is talking with her dad (my brother) talking strategy. What weight should she begin with for the bench press?? Well she started at 145 lbs and pushed it up with ease!

Here is the big electronic sign for when she was lifting.....her 2nd lift, she had a miss, but the third attempt was a good lift at 155lb.

Then you got to to Clean and Jerk portion......more girls lifts were not allowed because they rolled the clean part up their chests or "pushed" up the weights instead of jerking it up in one big push!!
Here she is with her clean and jerk at 135 lbs.

And here she is with her 2nd place medal. She WON 2nd PLACE in the STATE!!!! 
I'm so proud of her! She did such a great job!! 

AND...... I can't wait until she grabs FIRST place next year as a SENIOR!! Way to go Lauryn!!! Love you!!