Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crummy Weather!

OK....who else in the Metro Atlanta area is tired of rainy, windy, cool weather???? I'm just really tired of this!! The weather has just not been very good! With not much else to do, I continue scrapbooking this weekend to continue working on my 2010 scrapbook!

Here is my latest page and only have just a few more to complete 2010....
From Thanksgiving 2009...we brought daddy home for the day to enjoy!
Daddy was put in the hospital on Thursday and had a surgical procedure on Friday that require him to be put to sleep. Didn't know if he would survive, especially with blood pressure dropping like crazy on Thursday.....bottomed out with a diastolic pressure of 22....YIKES!
I know that daddy's time on this earth is not much longer and want to remember as much of the good times as possible. Also wanting to remember him even as he struggles with his health and body, in general, after his stroke in 2009.
Love you bunches daddy!! 

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