Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Florida Fun!

Wow it's summer in Florida some of you know I've been visiting recently due to daddy being in a nursing facility and trying to see him as often as possible. My sister flew in last week as well, and everyone else was on Spring Break in Citrus County so I decided to head down and see everyone!!
I knew we had to do at least one fun thing while I was there and they were on Spring Break, so we went kayaking again at Crystal River. This time Lauryn got to come and join us and Vicky got to go as well....she's the really white one that lives up in the cold north. We all needed some sun and wanted to try and see some of the manatees while kayaking......well that's what everyone else in the county was wanting to do as well. There were so many people at Three Sisters Springs this time, that I think the manatees decided on being "no shows". 

As we paddled out into Kings Bay I did have one surface near my kayak and was quickly gone and briefly sighted a couple more, but alas it wasn't a good day for visiting with the manatees. I think they realized there were lots of people and boats that they steered clear if you know what I mean!

However we had a great time together and to me it is always relaxing to get out on that beautiful water and in the warm sunshine! And I do take my camera out on the kayak with me......I have a waterproof bag that it rides in most of the time, but once I start taking pictures it's hard to keep it in......

Friday night we decided to celebrate daddy's birthday early, obviously for the benefit of the kids that are usually not around, and had a party at the nursing facility. We just brought our own dinner and used the screened back porch and had a lovely time.
Daddy was so silly.....immediately after eating his taco soup he was ready to go back to bed! We made him endure for a bit longer, when we brought out the birthday cookie and celebrated!
Well we quickly took him back to the room so that he could get back in bed......he does hurt all the time it seems and I wish I could fix that for him. It's really hard to watch this man in this position now and know that nothing I can do can make it better. I trust that God has the plan made, but it's really hard to deal with his timetable sometimes.
We ended up in daddy's room and tucked him back into bed and we sang Happy Birthday there in addition to several old hymns and daddy even sang along! We sounded we always some singers in our family!! And it was just sweet!
Finally left him alone so he could get some peace, because when there are 4 children, 2 spouses, and 2 grandchildren, one of which is Rebekah, there is NO QUIET!!!! For those of you that think I am slamming my family that is not's just that when we get together, we get LOUD! Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not......daddy has request his family to leave on many occasions.....he just doesn't deal well with it now.
Great long weekend spending time with family and celebrating!!

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  1. One of which is REBEKAH?!?! Seriously?! Look who's talking. ;-)

    And it's so true- we're just all loud. Period. That's how it is.

    Love you Aunt CC!