Friday, April 1, 2011

Back in Florida!

Spring Break begins at the end of today for me.....this is the last Spring Break! You are probably wondering why I am in Florida when we've just bought a condo in Gulf Shores, AL.....well needed to come and see daddy again while I can. Then I get to see the drive from Inverness to Gulf Shores, which is actually longer than the drive either from home to Gulf Shores or home to Inverness....lots of driving for me!!

So I've been to see daddy this morning. I woke him up and had to warm up my hands because they were really cold. He ate most of his breakfast which was excellent, but then he really wanted me to leave. That is hard to hear when you come to spend time and visit and see him, but I think he was in pain. I stayed a while, but when he said Go, Cheryl just go! I knew that I had to leave!

Left for exercising on the trail in runs right by the nursing facility and it's really beautiful. Doing this gives me exercise, time to think, listening to great music, and enjoying the nature along the trail.
view from one of the walks off the trail

view of lake from Liberty Walk
 And then there is this sign about the alligators!! This is right behind Cooter Pond that doesn't connect to the other lakes. I'm sure that there are alligators in the lakes around Inverness, but thankfully I've never seen any!!

This is Cooter Pond water spray. This shot is from the trail and it looks over to the old shopping center in Inverness (Citrus Plaza-says AJ)....the one that had TG&Y at the other end from this any of you remember that???
 And this is one of the new DeSoto Trail signs that mark the adventures of Hernando DeSoto the Spanish explorer! The history teacher in me needs you to know some of the history of the area that I lived in.

Nice walk/run today and when no one else was of the bridges has a "step" (it was part of the old trestle bridge for the railroad and they left part of it) and I used it for exercising as well. If you would have seen me you would have laughed!! Oh well.....I am trying to be healthy and exercise!!
First day of my Spring Break (well, not exactly, but I'm counting it)......not a bad day!


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