Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beach Day!

Today was Beach Day! This was my view...
Not a bad view, eh???

It's not been great is quite windy, and in reality it's quite cloudy, but it's beautiful nonetheless! I keep thinking how great it is to be out here on the beach and I own this place so I can come here anytime I want. I also thought of my momma today.....she would have so loved this! I do know that she is up there in heaven and is happy for me at this point!

Lunch time found us in the condo watching the Braves on is what the living area looks like.....

Right now the Braves are losing.....3-2, with the bases loaded, bottom of the 7th inning....arrrrgggghhhhh!
Maybe I'll head out to the pool! Need some more sun on the backside!
I love having time off!! How about you?

"If you were granted one wish, and only one, what would it be? Of all things...wealth, power, wisdom, love, liberty...what would you choose? This may seem fanciful; not so, IT IS REALITY. What you choose to think about, to concentrate on with all your mental power, will, indeed, become a reality. So choose carefully."
~Thomas D. Willhite~

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  1. Very nice Cheryl. I hope you all enjoy your time there! Your friend from Alaska wishing she were at the beach too!