Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Today is daddy's 82nd birthday and he doesn't believe us! When Vicky was here 2 weeks ago we had a celebration and really thinks that his birthday was 2 weeks ago!
It is very difficult seeing my daddy this way. 
2 years ago he had a stroke that he has never really recovered from. His left side is basically useless and it hurts if you even touch his left leg. He also has a permanent bladder catheter which is why he can now not come home because none of us are qualified to change this and it must be changed at least a couple of times a week. Momma was the nurse, but none of us choose to go that direction with our careers.

My daddy was a barber and never made a lot of money, and there were 5 kids, but we had a happy, normal and loving home! We always had food on the table, chores to do, dinner on table at home every night, and parents who cared about their children and would do whatever necessary in order to provide us with what we needed, and not necessarily what we wanted!
I really miss momma tons and wish she was here to give us help, support, guidance as we moved through this difficult time. I miss  my daddy too! The man I go and visit at the nursing facility is not really the same man, there are glimpses occasionally, but they are very rare anymore.

Writing this has helped me work through a lot of this, but it is still difficult and I want to thank my brother, Jimmy, and his wife Janet for being there for daddy. Also my sister Kay and her family for being there as well and visiting regularly. I try to come often, but it's not nearly enough. It's always emotional when I come home to visit and help, so I admire both Kay and Jimmy for visiting daddy every week, and almost every day between the two of them!
I love all of you!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!

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