Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

  Another week here in Gulf Shores has been great! Jordan got to come and she loves animals so much....we headed to the Gulf Shores Zoo

The first thing we see is the baby petting area and Jordan is absolutely in love with the white baby goat laying up against the fence! Most animals are absolutely adorable as babies though.

Here is the alligator that is quite large that has been at the zoo the longest!

Cute Alpaca
 There are so many cute animals and we love to look at all of them, but here are just a few of what we saw
This is a Cavy...one of the largest rodents
Green cheek conyers

Jordan loves the birds so we spend some time hanging out in the bird area. She had  a green cheek conyer, so they are a favorite

Cottontop Tamarin
Several peacocks roam the entire grounds and they love to eat....if they think you might feed them, they will come after you!!
If you have ever had an encounter with a llama you've missed it! When Jordan was younger we were visiting a zoo in South Florida on a vacation and Jim was near the llama area and he was spit on by the llamas, which is one of their defense mechanisms.....and so when we saw these llamas and the fact that they spit on the couple that had just walked by, we moved quickly by the llamas. This one here just looks angry....he is definitely being defensive! We laughed and moved quickly by this guy!!

 Here's a very low key guy.....a tortoise that was munching on the leaves!!
So these are only a few of the many animals that were in the zoo, but it was a fun day, just quite hot!!

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