Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buffett Concert

It's been many years since we've been to see Jimmy Buffett. Good friends asked if we wanted to go and of course we said yes. Those of you that know my husband, know he is a Parrot Head and has every album ever put out by Jimmy Buffett.
Here are John and Frances tailgating before the concert
 There are all manner of vehicles that come.....Landshark vehicle, golf cart, tiki party bus, tour buses, vehicles decked out with fins and shark mouths!!! Wow!!!

 This golf cart was decked out....played music videos, blaring the music everywhere with a huge video screen right in the back. Had a fin on the top and that shark mouth in the back!

Here are some of the crazies wearing coconut bra tops....saw many of those.....saw some really awesome hats, lots of grass skirts, and leis.

Here is a video clip of the song, Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right......from our view on the lawn

It was a really great concert and he played a lot of his old stuff, which is what we like the best!! 
Thanks for the invite John and Frances!!

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