Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arenal Hike

Monday in Costa Rica we visited the Arenal Volcano. We started the hike with a learning lesson by Carlos our guide/naturalist! We learned quite a bit about Arenal which is not the same as many of the volcanos we are familiar with back in the states. It is considered a compound volcano, which I will not go into explanation here, but suffice it to say that is what makes it different!!
Halfway through our hike it began pouring rain....of course it is the rainy season here in the summer time.  We all got quite wet, but were were going to the Tabacon Hot Springs Spa and Resort where we were getting into the hot springs. The Tabacon river runs by the volcano and used to be cool water, but the water heated with the active volcano, so it changed the area quite a bit!! This resort is one of the most romantic places there is! We ate at the restaurant afterwards with a great buffet!! 
Another great day in Costa Rica!!
All of us at the Arenal Volcano

Carlos our guide with our lesson

Stopping for a lesson on the trail

Orchid growing on tree

Short little stop during the down pour

More Soon!!


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