Friday, June 24, 2011

Costa Rica-Hanging Bridges Tour

The next tour that we took was called the Hanging Bridges Tour. It is through more rainforest and there are  quite a few bridges that are suspended above the rainforest that give you excellent views of the rain forest. We learned about many plants, trees, and animals.
Saw some really  different animals and plants, here are a few pictures:
Angelo-our guide

This is what the bridges look like
Jim and I standing on one of the hanging bridges

Jeff, Kay, myself, and Jim on the highest bridge
The four of us at the waterfall!!

Kay at the base of this HUGE tree!
Looking up at the rest of the tree!
4 of us at the Arenal Dam and Lake!

 Very cool tour and I learned a lot! Another great day in Costa Rica!!
There is this one other palm tree that I just have to show you........
Yes Folks....the name of this is the Penis Palm!!!


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