Friday, August 12, 2011

The Big Piano

On the recent trip to New York City we managed to squeeze in a lot of quick little visits and the FAO Schwarz Store was no different! Remember the scene from the movie Big, with Tom Hanks?? They played the BIG Piano in the's very cool!! They do shows highlighting the piano and demonstrate songs. This store really does make you feel like a kid again, there are soooo many things to look at and do, but if you are ever there you have got to stop by and watch them do this!!! I don't know that they liked us three adult women running around all over the keyboard, but it was just so much fun we giggled the rest of the morning!!
Here is a short video of Chopsticks, but I didn't get the entire thing:

And then I got the entire version of Heart and Soul, which I've played on the piano for years, but when you get up in front of this Big Piano, it's a bit more difficult to do it by yourself. They definitely need two people to be able to play both the left and right hand parts.

And you can own that piano for only $250,000.00!!!!! Also would need a big space to put it in, but you could have hours of entertainment!!


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