Monday, November 14, 2011

Merton J. Rashley, Sr.

I haven't written any posts lately because I have been driving back and forth to Florida. It is with sadness that I write this one. My father passed away on Friday, November 4 and while I am sad that he won't be around any more I am thankful because he is a Christian and I KNOW with all my heart that he is in heaven. His body is whole again and he's with my mom! They were married for over 50 years and were such role models for all five kids!
My dad was the 2nd to the youngest of 8 children and he quit high school. However he did later earn his GED and went to Barber school and became a barber! He was a faithful man of God. 
I was actually able to speak of some of my memories at his memorial service without completely falling to pieces. It was such a great service and it was so different from any that I have been to! It was more a celebration than a serious and stoic occasion, which some people may find odd, but it really did suit my daddy! 
Love you daddy! Sure gonna miss you, but happy that you are in heaven with a new body and visiting all your friends and family!
Here are all five kids with one of daddy's old barber poles that my brother Jimmy lovingly restored for display at the service

This is the main display with dad's urn

This was the display we set up on the left with some items that identify daddy: Man of Faith, barber tools, his old bible, letter of deacon ordination, diet Mountain Dew (LCMD), pictures of his grand-kids

This was the display on the right: painting of his first barber shop on Avenue A in Belle Glade, FL, and painting of his last barber shop, the Dad and Lad in Inverness, FL, a Clive Cussler book (which he loved) a blood donation shirt, a set of clippers and brush, a birdhouse with bird plates (he loved feeding and watching the birds) and of course a wedding picture with mom!