Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cards

Yeah! I got my Christmas cards finished last night! Do you all send out Christmas cards? I still do. Last year I did them all electronically, but decided to send real cards out this year! I like to send a picture of how we look this year and of course use my Creative Memories Storybook 4 program to create my card. I also wanted to write a little bit of what happened in our year with everyone, so I used VistaPrint this year. There are lots of options to create your own cards, but I used the custom option and  uploaded my card saved as a .jpg and was able to write the text I wanted on the back! Exactly what I needed!!
So here I am with my stacks as I was preparing them for stuffing! Also you see the other projects I was working on for gifts too!

Here is what the front of the card looked like!
And here is my greeting on the back.... It is difficult to digest your entire year into one small paragraph, just hit the highlights!!

And I also print labels using my Outlook Address book where I keep all my addresses. I use Avery labels and go to their website and use the templates of the specific label that I'm using. I save a copy of the ones sent and that way I will know next year to whom I sent out cards. And the positive side of that is that if no address changes then it's easy to use that same template again!

I also went to Bethlehem to send out my cards from!! Of course I am speaking of Bethlehem, Georgia, it was basically on my way from my hairdresser and I had an appointment! Love having them stamped from Bethlehem! There are people that drive for many miles to stamp their Christmas cards from Bethlehem.

Hope your Christmas cards and gifts process is going smoothly!! 
Merry Christmas!


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  1. I see you got my answer to your question! :) Glad it worked out for you. I LOVE Vistaprint!