Monday, October 22, 2012

Seafood Festival

Last weekend we were at the beach for the Seafood Festival! It's such a fun time to be at the beach!! Good food, good friends and good music!!! There is one downside.....the traffic!!
We took our good friends, Mary Sue and Phil Lindsey to the beach and showed them our condo. We had asked Mary Sue to paint for us a sign with our name for our condo.....Gone Coastal!! And it was beautiful and now hangs in the condo.
We first stopped at LuLu's for lunch! It's such a fun place for everyone! They were getting their haunted house ready for Halloween. We then hung out at the condo for a little bit and shortly headed out to the Seafood Festival on Friday night. We visited all the booths and bought a few things and then headed for the seafood to try a couple of goodies. And to round out the evening we went to the Swinging Medallions concert and what a blast!!! They played all of their oldies from the past but the guys have added some new songs to appeal to the younger crowd and wow did this do a great job!!
Saturday we hung out at the beach for a couple of hours and it is just beautiful at Gulf Shores in October.....plenty warm enough to lay out at the beach, although the water is a tad cool! We also attended our condo homeowners association meeting for the quarter and then headed back to the festival for another round of seafood, shopping, and music!!! We tried to eat some of the goodies we had missed the day before and of course had to try the homemade ice cream, which is  always delicious!!! And watched an interesting band called Superhero's that all dressed as superheros, but played some really good rock-n-roll!! They were fun to watch also! They had two superhero pole dancers at one point.....very interesting! (sorry I didn't photos of them....wasn't fast enough with the phone!)
Just had lots of fun and love all the time I get to spend at the beach!!! It was so great seeing Mary Sue and Phil too!!!
 Pictures of our fun weekend!


Friday, August 10, 2012


More adventures from our California trip include a trip to Sausilito. It's a great little town right on the water that has some great views. My niece, Rebekah works in the Starbucks there and so she turned out to be a great tour guide for us!
Of course our first stop was at the Starbucks so that we could meet and visit her co-workers.
And then it was off to the scenic view of San Francisco which is just across the bay from the city and just across the street from the Starbucks. Of course we all had to have pictures made in front of the view.
Looking down the street from this view toward the ferry
Such a quaint town with some very pretty views and some really neat shops!
There is also something interesting that I had never seen before......this is a street........
And this is where it ends down below
Rebekah pointing out that this is really a street!
This is looking up the street (stairs)
Yep that is Excelsoir street that ends up as stairs.....but it's still a street!!! How weird is that???

We also ate at one of the most famous restaurants in the San Francisco, California area because of it's awesome views of the city and the food wasn't bad either, The Spinnaker.

As you can see the restaurant sits out over the water with full glass windows which are what affords you the gorgeous views.

And we visited the Yacht Club nearby. I love looking at the boats and there are mainly sailboats at this club. I would have visited the Yacht Club store, but it just happened to be closed the day we were there.
 It was a really good day and anytime I am near the water it's always good! Rebekah was such a great "Tour Guide Barbie", as we began calling her. 
Another picture for another picture perfect day!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Until you've been to Alcatraz or are familiar with the west coast of the United States near San Francisco, you really don't get how cold and desolate Alcatraz Island is. And what a perfect place for a federal prison, except for the fact that bringing power and water and food to the island, let alone anything else was a huge challenge!
What a neat place to visit! There is so much history here and the audio tour is the BEST I've ever heard! It is narrated by former prison guards, prisoners and woman that was a child raised on the island when her father worked at Alcatraz. Obviously all with different perspectives about life on Alcatraz! What a challenging environment to live in on this fairly small island. And after visiting you can see why no one escaped! The winds howl, the water is frigid, and just getting out of a cell was a major feat, but there were 14 escape attempts. And oh be stuck in isolation there!
You can get fabulous pictures there!!
 Here is what the island looks like when you are on the ferry going to the island. It is absolutely beautiful! The day could not have been any better either!
This is what a typical cell at Alcatraz looks like!

 This is the sign you see when you first disembark from the ferry to the Island. Do you see Indians Welcome?? That was from the 1970's when a group of Indian activists took over the Island and claimed it for all indians and wanted to use it. However, the federal government didn't allow that to happen. Things did begin to change for the indians after this incident.

 This is a shot of San Francisco from Alcatraz, you get a really nice view of the city here!
Here is my sister and her husband, Jeff and their daughter Rebekah, our tour guide!!

Jim and I with the city skyline!

The Golden Gate Bridge view from Alcatraz!
 If you are ever in San Francisco you definitely need to make plans to take the tour of Alcatraz! Enjoying this trip immensely and can't wait to share more with you!!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Sunday, June 24, 2012

California Visiting Time

Vacation this year is in California! First time I've been to California and I'm here with Jim, my sister Kay and her husband Jeff. We've come to visit Rebekah, Kay and Jeff's daughter, who is attending Golden Gate Seminary and working on a Master's Degree in Missiology.
So the very first thing we did the first day were were here was go to the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was foggy and rainy and quite chilly! We were going to walk across the bridge, but it was just too wet! We are going to try again before we leave. 
Here we are all bundled up with the bridge in the background! Yes it was like 55 degrees F and windy and rainy!
 Later that same day it cleared up and Rebekah took us by her dorm and we toured several buildings and got another great view. This is a view of the Bay Bridge from a building with classrooms At Golden Gate Seminary located in Mill Valley, California.

Later that same night we had a "party" for a few of Rebekah's friends at the house. They all live in the dorm and it's nice to visit a real home and have a meal that is cheap for them and cooked for them! They had a great time eating and chatting and playing! Here is the entire group with one of Kay's cookies!

Here is the view from the house's backyard, it really is quite lovely!!

Today while Jeff and Rebekah went to the race in Sonoma, Jim, Kay and I headed a little north to see the Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga, California. Here is the video of the geyser going off.

They do have a petting zoo of sorts at this place and they have those world famous Tennessee Fainting Goats! However they don't faint as easily as you are lead to believe and it didn't happen while we were there. Though it wasn't for the lack of trying. Here's a picture of one. If you want to see a very informative video about the Fainting goats check this out.
Then we headed to the Petrified Forest! What interesting trees and HUGE!! Here are Kay and I by one of the biggest and oldest petrified trees.

Driving home we went through some great little towns, St. Helena, Napa, and Sonoma. And there are vineyards everywhere along the roads. We did get it in a little bit of the Sonoma Race traffic, but not bad at all!
What a great day!! Can't wait to go to Alcatraz tomorrow!!!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Important Decisions for School!!!

I'm so excited for Jordan! It's finally public and official......Jordan will be in the UGA Law Class of 2015!!! She heads back to Athens beginning in August and will be very busy the next three years! I could not be more proud as a parent! 
After graduating in May of 2011 from her beloved UGA, she went to Kentucky with an internship at a thoroughbred horse farm, thinking this is what she loves and wants to do. However those plans didn't work out. As we have all heard that when one door closes another one opens, well the internship sharpened what Jordan desired to have in a career! She has become a better person because of the hardships of the internship and focused on the things are really important to her. And isn't that all we can ask as parents, that our children discover what they really want to do and where they want to be so that they will be happy with the lives they've made for themselves? 
This past week we rented an apartment and now to secure finances and she's on her way!! 
You know it's both exciting to see her become a young woman and make some really great decisions for her future, but at the same time it's sad as a parent to know that you won't have that little girl around much anymore! Oh, well I can't dwell on that! I'm very excited to see her succeed with her new choices and become a successful lawyer one day!!!
Scrapbook page that I made of J on graduation day!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

100 years of Citrus High

Just returned from another Citrus High School graduation! My niece, Lauryn, which you have all seen before if you read my blog (she's the weightlifter), graduated on Monday night as part of the 100th class of Citrus High School!
It was a beautiful ceremony as usual and just loved the speeches on this night! Evan was very entertaining and had some interesting words of wisdom and challenge!!
Here is the graduate! She graduated Magna Cum Laude!!
 The graduation was also being streamed live during graduation. You can also see it on the school website now if you have family or friends graduating or just have lots of time of your hands to see what it looks like nowadays!!

Here is the entire family!

Now Lauryn you can get on with all manner of adult things that you've been dying to do!! I know there is a plan for you and it will all work out! You are a beautiful young woman inside and out and are destined for a beautiful life!! I love you very much and wish you much success as you move forward with more education!
 Cousins present at graduation!! Hated that Rebekah couldn't make it, but she's in California getting more education. AJ came home from FSU just to watch. Headed back late after graduation for 8 am class.....hope things went well! Would have loved to see Aunt Vicky and her group as well, but we know that is a VERY long journey! We missed you guys too!!

And lastly we have Jordan and me with the graduate!! This was really a special weekend that I loved sharing with family!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blue Angels Practice

This morning we decided to go to Blue Angels practice! But I think so did everyone on the Gulf Coast because the traffic getting in the gate at the Pensacola Naval Air Station took forever. We got there much later than than I wanted or anticipated we would. Wednesday practices are probably more popular also due to the fact that after the practice the pilots come to the Museum and sign autographs!

It is so awesome to watch this and of course the sound is WAY loud!! But what they do is amazing!!! These are not the greatest shots because we didn't get there early enough so there are lots of people doing the same thing....videoing the practices!! It's still amazing and cool to watch even with my 'not so great videos', but they are my record of being there and enjoying and respecting the job that our servicemen do!!

 I will be returning to watch this again!! And will spend more time at the National Aviation Museum. I will also watch the iMax movie!
If you ever in the Gulf Coast area near Pensacola you should take some time to go and watch. They post the practice schedule online for your convenience! 
Cool way to spend the morning!!!
"Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty."

Monday, April 2, 2012

Relaxing in the Sun

Well I'm on Spring Break and definitely needed a break! I have been attending Real Estate school and reading and studying most of the time trying to remember all the terminology and concepts. 
Today was a gorgeous beach day and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and relaxing. 
Here is my view today......
And yes there was nasty seaweed that had washed up, but it doesn't bother me!

So as I was out there today, one of the parasailing boats came down our way, which is a bit unusual, but they also dropped the riders to dangle feet in water and then back up again!

And there they go off again!!!
All in all another relaxing day.....but need to do some how do you figure that LTV again???


We are still masters of our fate.
We are still captains of our souls.

Winston Churchill

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Times, Old Friends!!

So a few of us that live near the Atlanta area that graduated from Citrus High School in Inverness, Florida decided to get together and have our own little mini-reunion. It was great getting together with friends we haven't seen in ages and just reminiscing on things you remember from high school and each of our different perspectives. To say nothing of how we've changed and what we have done with our lives.....and of course there are children and grandchildren to discuss as well!! 
We've decided we need to do this quarterly, at least and try to include more  people! 
Here are a few pics from the evening!
All of us: Rhonda (Giddens) and Dewey Surface, Bill and Leanne Staalenburg, Vince and Denise Curry, and Cheryl (Rashley) and Jim Mitchell
Rhonda and Dewey

Bill and Leanne

Vince and Denise

 Would love to have more Citrus High Graduates join us next time. We have all kept in contact via Facebook, so if you are reading this and would like to join us let one of us know and we'll include you the next time.  We definitely missed you Connie, who had planned to come and then things changed at the last minute. 

Can't wait to do this again!! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What do you do for fun???

I love to scrapbook!! Do you have a hobby?? Well mine is scrap-booking and I love to do it! I go on two scrap book retreats a year with my Creative Memories Consultant. It's great to get away and focus on getting as many pages completed as possible!! I also love the prizes that you can win!! And I won big this year!! Well....I didn't win the grand door prize, nor the raffle, but as far as I'm concerned I won!!
I actually finished 59 pages!!! Woo Hoo!! Almost have 2011 completed. Only have November and December to finish and these will be the hardest pages for me to do since my daddy died on November 4th and that is where I begin when I begin creating pages again. 
Here are a few of the pages and pictures from the weekend!!

This was the last retreat I attended and won then too!!

This is my consultant Pegi Henderson and Kelly Crowe, having fun!

Winning prizes for paying early! How easy is that??

With my new album....isn't it pretty??
Here is the special page I did for Jordan....this is her baby!!
 I just love creating beautiful things for my family and keeping the precious memories recorded for future generations! I would recommend this hobby for everyone! And if you want to ask me any questions please do!! Love to share what I do!!

“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” – Buddha