Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kansas City

I find myself in Kansas City this week! I'm here with my husband at the National Soccer Coaches Convention and trying to be a tourist and learn about Kansas City while he attends sessions.
Today we took a walking tour of the city and learned a bit more of the city! Erik from Kansas City Tour Company was our guide and did a very good job!  Didn't realize that it was such a gangster city, but they didn't participate in abolition at all! There are lots of jazz clubs and there was an entire network of under the basement tunnels made so that you could get from one club to the next or store your liquor. Very fascinating.
Cosentino's Downtown Market which is a grocery store, and restaurant all in one! Lots of really good stuff here! May eat lunch there everyday!!

Garment district building, looking up!!!

This is the railway car that Harry Truman (who was from Missouri) used on his Whistle Stops when he was running for President.

Skyline of Kansas City from the top of the City Hall Observation Deck

Lewis and Clark statue on the spot by the Kansas and Missouri River where they camped after heading out to document what was in the all the land of the Louisiana Purchase by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803. Sacajawea is also there, with their dog Seaman and the slave guide Toby as well.

There are some really old buildings here as well with some cool architecture too!
We also went to the City Hall Observation Deck (it's free!) but you have to wait for the security guard to take you up and give them copies of your id. Also are not allowed on the floor with the Mayor.
Found some good places to try out the nightlife in KC and restaurants too!

More later once I try some other things in the city!!


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