Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Girls Lifting Weights

I've been to Florida to watch my niece at the Florida Girls Weightlifting State Meet and who knew girls could lift that much weight???!!! This was my second year to go and this year there were records broken all over the place!
I'm so very proud of my niece, Lauryn, who did a fabulous job this year. She had a shoulder injury and wasn't able to lift until the last 4 weeks of the season, so she was not quite where she wanted to be. However, to watch her lift and get that weight up is AMAZING!!! She ended up in 4th place in the 110 lb. class and I know that she was disappointed.  It is just amazing to watch them and she did a GREAT job whether she thinks so or not! Just watch this video:
And then there is the Clean and Jerk portion of the competition. Here are a few of the pictures I took and you can see the intensity on her face as she lifts!

 As you can see she is quite a small girl, but can she lift!!! That was 150 lbs. on the bench and she got 140 lbs. on the clean and jerk! I am still AMAZED every time I watch this! I know I've used AMAZING a lot but it is!! She is also a very good student and is currently participating in joint enrollment with college courses and is very involved at her church. She is sweet, gentle, and incredibly kind. I love her and wish her all the best! I just wanted to share her sweet success with all of the world!!


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