Tuesday, May 22, 2012

100 years of Citrus High

Just returned from another Citrus High School graduation! My niece, Lauryn, which you have all seen before if you read my blog (she's the weightlifter), graduated on Monday night as part of the 100th class of Citrus High School!
It was a beautiful ceremony as usual and just loved the speeches on this night! Evan was very entertaining and had some interesting words of wisdom and challenge!!
Here is the graduate! She graduated Magna Cum Laude!!
 The graduation was also being streamed live during graduation. You can also see it on the school website now if you have family or friends graduating or just have lots of time of your hands to see what it looks like nowadays!!

Here is the entire family!

Now Lauryn you can get on with all manner of adult things that you've been dying to do!! I know there is a plan for you and it will all work out! You are a beautiful young woman inside and out and are destined for a beautiful life!! I love you very much and wish you much success as you move forward with more education!
 Cousins present at graduation!! Hated that Rebekah couldn't make it, but she's in California getting more education. AJ came home from FSU just to watch. Headed back late after graduation for 8 am class.....hope things went well! Would have loved to see Aunt Vicky and her group as well, but we know that is a VERY long journey! We missed you guys too!!

And lastly we have Jordan and me with the graduate!! This was really a special weekend that I loved sharing with family!