Sunday, June 24, 2012

California Visiting Time

Vacation this year is in California! First time I've been to California and I'm here with Jim, my sister Kay and her husband Jeff. We've come to visit Rebekah, Kay and Jeff's daughter, who is attending Golden Gate Seminary and working on a Master's Degree in Missiology.
So the very first thing we did the first day were were here was go to the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was foggy and rainy and quite chilly! We were going to walk across the bridge, but it was just too wet! We are going to try again before we leave. 
Here we are all bundled up with the bridge in the background! Yes it was like 55 degrees F and windy and rainy!
 Later that same day it cleared up and Rebekah took us by her dorm and we toured several buildings and got another great view. This is a view of the Bay Bridge from a building with classrooms At Golden Gate Seminary located in Mill Valley, California.

Later that same night we had a "party" for a few of Rebekah's friends at the house. They all live in the dorm and it's nice to visit a real home and have a meal that is cheap for them and cooked for them! They had a great time eating and chatting and playing! Here is the entire group with one of Kay's cookies!

Here is the view from the house's backyard, it really is quite lovely!!

Today while Jeff and Rebekah went to the race in Sonoma, Jim, Kay and I headed a little north to see the Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga, California. Here is the video of the geyser going off.

They do have a petting zoo of sorts at this place and they have those world famous Tennessee Fainting Goats! However they don't faint as easily as you are lead to believe and it didn't happen while we were there. Though it wasn't for the lack of trying. Here's a picture of one. If you want to see a very informative video about the Fainting goats check this out.
Then we headed to the Petrified Forest! What interesting trees and HUGE!! Here are Kay and I by one of the biggest and oldest petrified trees.

Driving home we went through some great little towns, St. Helena, Napa, and Sonoma. And there are vineyards everywhere along the roads. We did get it in a little bit of the Sonoma Race traffic, but not bad at all!
What a great day!! Can't wait to go to Alcatraz tomorrow!!!


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