Saturday, June 2, 2012

Important Decisions for School!!!

I'm so excited for Jordan! It's finally public and official......Jordan will be in the UGA Law Class of 2015!!! She heads back to Athens beginning in August and will be very busy the next three years! I could not be more proud as a parent! 
After graduating in May of 2011 from her beloved UGA, she went to Kentucky with an internship at a thoroughbred horse farm, thinking this is what she loves and wants to do. However those plans didn't work out. As we have all heard that when one door closes another one opens, well the internship sharpened what Jordan desired to have in a career! She has become a better person because of the hardships of the internship and focused on the things are really important to her. And isn't that all we can ask as parents, that our children discover what they really want to do and where they want to be so that they will be happy with the lives they've made for themselves? 
This past week we rented an apartment and now to secure finances and she's on her way!! 
You know it's both exciting to see her become a young woman and make some really great decisions for her future, but at the same time it's sad as a parent to know that you won't have that little girl around much anymore! Oh, well I can't dwell on that! I'm very excited to see her succeed with her new choices and become a successful lawyer one day!!!
Scrapbook page that I made of J on graduation day!


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